Boca Raton is home to some of the finest, most desirable neighborhoods in the country. Often referred to as “the Beverly Hills of South Florida”, this city is well known for the quality of life its lucky residents enjoy.


In West Boca you will find mostly families. Newer, more affordable homes in gated communities make up West Boca’s neighborhoods. Although the gates are rather unnecessary with the city’s low crimes rates, it makes for a very relaxed and quiet community where kids are free to play in the streets. Although not technically a part of the city municipality, West Boca is included in the city’s mailing address ad has access to the excellent public and private schools in the area.


In the neighborhoods of East Boca you will find a slightly different feel from the family oriented community of West Boca. East Boca is a hot spot for retirees, second-home owners and couples with 2 incomes and no children; one of the largest groups in Boca Raton’s population. There are a lot of higher-end homes in this lovely area.


In Southern Boca is a small neighborhood called Old Floresta. Most of the homes in this little neighborhood are built in the style of the original developer of the city; Addison Mizner. Stucco walls, barrel-tiled roofs and wrought-iron balconies grace the beautifully landscaped streets of this historic community.


Living within the city limits of Boca Raton certainly offers some perks as well. As a thriving business center, the city is ideal for both small and big business owners alike. You are never lacking things to do, especially in downtown Boca. Eclectic boutiques, independent coffee shops, markets and art galleries… the list just goes on and on. Mizner Park is in downtown Boca and better shopping simply can’t be found. And even with so many options in the city, there is still a very inviting and cozy, small-town vibe due to the strict city ordinances that keep building size, signage and advertising in check.


The city of Boca Raton is truly a beautiful and diverse place full of desirable, safe neighborhoods. Just one look and you’ll never want to leave!